We promote a holistic education model

Homework and Assignments

In our institution, tasks are intended to review and deepen students’ learning, as well as strengthen the development of skills.

Preschool and First cycle

At Las Nubes School, in preschool and First cycle, students do not have homework to do at home.

Second Cycle

In Second Cycle, one homework per week is assigned according to an established schedule.

High School

In High School, students receive math review, and reading and writing skills development homework. Part of the projects assigned in each subject is also done at home.

In our institution, homework is aimed at reviewing and deepening student learning, as well as strengthening the development of skills.

Field Trips

The institution conducts cultural, sports, or recreational field trips. All field trips are considered as extracurricular activities that require a participation authorization form signed by the parents. Field trips have extra costs that must be paid by the families on the dates established in the official communications.

Transportation is a service contracted for each field trip, which complies with the safety regulations and the insurance required by law.


Students could go on educational field trips to nearby places under all safety regulations. Students travel with teachers and assistants (parents do not travel).


Students could have field trips where experiences and social skills are put to the test. The tours are established according to the characteristics of each academic level.

High school

They carry out field trips and student camps that aim to develop life skills through experiential learning.

After School Classes

The institution offers extracurricular clubs for all levels. These provide the opportunity to enrich the individual interests that families wish to strengthen in their children.

The clubs are sports, artistic and recreational.

These are taught every day after school for the period of one hour and have an additional cost.

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